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The News page has been updated and includes information two online webinars designed to assist growers interested in exporting their crop to foreign countries.    (posted 9/22/15

The MNGA Summer Newsletter is off the press and will soon be appearing in the electronic and USPS mailboxes of our members.  Features in this issue include reprises of The Walnut Council and Northern Nut Growers Association meetings, an introduction to the proposed pecan checkoff, forest pest news, and a profile of efforts to make American hazelnuts a commercial crop.  (posted 8/22/15)

The Missouri Nut Growers Association promotes and supports the growing of nut trees, both as a hobby and commercially, throughout Missouri. Membership is open to those interested in nut tree culture and in sharing their experiences with other members. Our quarterly newsletter includes information about current nut orchard conditions, the performance of various cultivars, nut tree pests, and productions techniques. We meet several times each year and our annual grafting field day has helped many individuals learn how to transform a young wild tree into a cultivar that produces a higher quality nut. This web site will provide an introduction to nuts produced in Missouri as well as links to sites where you can find additional information.

Although our primary focus is on tree nuts, many of our members are also interested in a variety of other native fruit producers with potential commercial value and we’ve included information about some of these on this site.

Enjoy These Benefits of Membership in the Missouri Nut Growers Association!

A. Meet other members with similar interest in nut tree culture at various events
B. Meet academics who research nut tree culture, production, and marketing in Missouri and Kansas
C. Receive four annual newsletters by either email or US postal mail - spring, summer, fall, winter
D. Attend annual meetings to watch presentations and relate your experiences with nut trees
E. Strive for 1st prize when you enter nuts from your trees in the nut evaluation contest
F. Learn tree training and pruning techniques at spring workshops
G. Learn grafting techniques at spring workshops
H. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather, camadarie, and food at pre-harvest workshops
I. Participate in the annual nutty cookie contest

Eat MO Nuts!


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